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Busted Knuckles 770-990-0786

​Little Hall Ramp Lake Lanier
3375 Dawsonville Hwy
Gainesville, Ga 30506
(Turn onto Little Hall Rd)
Registration at the Little Hall Tournament Pavilion will go from 5:00-6:30 with safety briefing and partner draw to follow, weigh-in will be 3:30 for this tournament,  then we will have the rolling livewell check, please remember your boat number and be ready to go in order. We will use a loud Air Horn to signal I am ready for boat #1 etc to start idling by my boat. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Keith Ridenhour at (770)241-5475.
Or Alex Pearce 706-263-2137

REMINDER:  All boaters MUST have a back seat available for potential draw of a co-angler!
Also: Please leave you catch in your livewell until we call for fish to be weighed.
American Bass Anglers
The Largest Tournament Trail for the Weekend Angler
Division 125 (North Georgia)
Director: Keith Ridenhour (770)241-5475
Asst Director: Alex Pearce (706)263-2137

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Or call (256)232-0406 for more information.

ABA Division 125 Incentives:
2019-2020 Season
(These incentives ONLY apply to ABA Division 125)
Raffle tickets for a sponsor gift bag and a premium prize will be sold during registration and weigh-in at each Division 125 one-day tournament. Tickets cost 5 tickets for 10.00 or 3.00 each for the grab bags and 5.00 per ticket for an additional premium prize, and all proceeds will go towards financial enhancements for the Division 125 Angler of the Year and the Two-Day Division Championship payout. The drawing for the sponsor bags and the premium prize will take place immediately following the weigh-in for each tournemant. Anglers MUST be present to obtain your prize!

​Livewell checks for all three D125 lakes will now be a rolling livewell check. Anglers must idle slowly past my boat with lids open to be checked, if you come by with lids closed you will be asked to move to the side and you will go last, if you blast off without me checking your live well or Alex if he is running the tournament you will be disqualified. The following info should be followed. Know your Boat number, livewell checks will be by boat number. At Allatoona myself or Alex will be in our boat at the end of the Jetty at Galts Ferry for livewell check, at Lanier-Little Hall, myself or Alex will be out in front of the courtesy docks on the same side the weigh-in stage and bleachers are at little Hall in our boat for livewell check, so you can go ahead and launch your boat when you arrive and idle around to the courtesy docks , tie off and come up for the safety briefing, raffles tickets and partner pairing, there is parking for the non boaters near the weigh-n and bleachers, they can stage their gear and once they have a partner they can load up right there at the courtesy docks, at Carters myself or Alex will be out by the no wake buoy at the Dam site for live well check. Once your live well is checked you may blast off.    

1st Place Chris White 5 fish 12.68 lbs. 200 pts & Big Fish 4.08 lb   

2nd Place Tony Howell 5 Fish 11.20 lbs. 199 pts                           

3rd Place 5 Fish Ryan Bryant 10.49 lbs. 198 pt                             

            4th Place Randall Woodham 5 Fish 10.00 lbs 197 pts                                 

          5th Place Nick Treadwell 5 Fish 9.53 lbs 196 pts                                      

6th Place Bradley Collum 5 Fish 9.18 lbs 195 pts                           

2019-2020 D125 AOY STANDINGS 

1 Chris White 5 Fish 12.68 lbs 200 pts   
2 Tony Howell 5 Fish 11.20 lbs 199 pts  
3 Ryan Bryant 5 Fish 10.49 lbs 198 pts   
4 Randall Woodham 5 Fish 10.00 lbs 197 pts  
5 Nick Treadwell 5 Fish 9.53 lbs 196 pts
6 Bradley Collum 5 fish 9.18 lbs 195 pt
7 Barry Adcock 5 Fish 8.80 lbs 194 pts
8 Scott Chattham 5 Fish 8.76 lbs 193 pts
9 Kris Brown 5 Fish 8.49 lbs 192 pts 
10 Michael Dickson 5 Fish 8.31 lbs 191 pts
11 Nick Tunney  5 fish 7.24 lbs 190 pts
12 Jeremy Carroll 5 Fish 6.78 lbs 189 pts
13 Hunter Baird 5 Fish 6.52 lbs 189 pts
14 Patric Hulsey 5 Fish 6.49 lbs 187 pts
15 David Huie 4 Fish 6.41 lbs 186 pts 
16 Monte Cantrell 5 Fish 6.22 lbs 185 pts
17 Matt Parish 5 Fish 6.02 lbs 184 pts
18 Deon Wilson 5 Fish 5.95 lbs 183 pts
19 Patrick Hunt 5 fish 5.93 lbs 182 pts
20 Alan Bentley 5 Fish 5.71 lbs 181 pts
21 Matt West 5 Fish 5.51 Lbs 180 pts
22 Shannon Ingle 5 Fish 4.97 lbs 179 pts
23 Charlie Macintyre 3 Fish 4.79 lbs 178 pts
24 Mark Strohauer 4 Fish 4.74 lbs 177 pts
25 Steve Hales 4 Fish 4.33 lbs 176 pts
26 Larry Hollingsworth 5 Fish 4.22 lbs 175 pts
27 David Owens 4 Fish 3.89 lbs 174 pts
28 Spencer Brandes 2 Fish 3.81 lbs 173 pts
29 David Sutton 4 Fish 3.77 lbs 172 pts
30 Scott Laughman 2 Fish 2.46 lbs 171 pts
31 Kenneth MCclarity 2 Fish 1.82 lbs 170 pts
32 JR MCwhorter 2 Fish 1.71 lbs 169 pts
33 Keith Ridenhour 1 Fish 1.64 lbs 168 pts
34 Matt Williams 2 Fish 1.58 lbs 167 pts
David Winn 0 Fish 50 pts
Alex Pearce 0 Fish 50 pts
Ronald Hayes 0 Fish 50 pts
Lowell Johnson 0 Fish 50 pts

Anglers Notice-Please leave your fish in the livewell until we call for them. They have a better chance of survival in your livewell then in the weigh-in bag waiting in line. Also...if the director or asst director draws a non-boater he will fish until the weigh-in time, this is to be fair to the co-angler and his fishing time. If the Director or asst director do not draw a co-angler he will be in 30 minutes early to set up weigh-in. Thank You 

Lake Ramp Addresses
Galts Ferry-Allatoona 7299 Rocky Lane Acworth, ga 30102
Little Hall Tournament Venue and Ramp-3375 Dawsonville Hwy Gainesville Ga, 30506 (Turn onto Little Hall Rd)
Damsite-Carters Lake 359 Cove Rd, Chattsworth, Ga 30705

Entry fee & Membership Breakdown
One day tournament entry is 75.00, 80.00 with big fish(Optional) for current members. If you are a new member signing up at the ramp the entry is 70.00, 35.00 annual membership, 5.00 big fish(optional) = 110.00. Two Day divisional Championship in any division is 145.00 entry 150.00 with big fish(Optional) You must fish 4 one day tournaments from any division to qualify for any two day division Championship.
BPA/ABA Tour 1 day and 2 day event Points
1 Day Tournament with a full field of 20 or more anglers is a 200 point event, 1st place-200 points, 2nd place 199 points etc.
2 Day Divisional Championship with 20 or more Anglers is a Full Field and 1st place is 400 points, 2nd place is 399 etc.
You must fish 4 one day tournaments(Any Division) to qualify to fish any 2 day divisional Championship. An Angler can fish as many 1 day and 2 day events as they want, ABA takes your best 4 one-day point finishes and your best 2 day point finishes to qualify you to the Nationals. It's like culling fish, you have a bad 1 day tournament you can fish as many as you want to get better ranking in the Nation, same with the 2 day, you can fish as many as you want and they will use you best points. 
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