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Anglers Notice-Please leave your fish in the livewell until we call for them. They have a better chance of survival in your livewell then in the weigh-in bag waiting in line. Also...if the director or asst director draws a non-boater he will fish until the weigh-in time, this is to be fair to the co-angler and his fishing time. If the Director or asst director do not draw a co-angler he will be in 30 minutes early to set up weigh-in. Thank You 

Entry fee & Membership Breakdown
One day tournament entry is 75.00, 80.00 with big fish(Optional) for current members. If you are a new member signing up at the ramp the entry is 70.00, 35.00 annual membership, 5.00 big fish(optional) = 110.00. Two Day divisional Championship in any division is 145.00 entry 150.00 with big fish(Optional) You must fish 4 one day tournaments from any division to qualify for any two day division Championship. The National Championship is a 170.00 entry fee
BPA/ABA Tour 1 day and 2 day event Points
1 Day Tournament with a full field of 20 or more anglers is a 200 point event, 1st place-200 points, 2nd place 199 points etc.
2 Day Divisional Championship with 20 or more Anglers is a Full Field and 1st place is 400 points, 2nd place is 398 etc.
You must fish 4 one day tournaments(Any Division) to qualify to fish any 2 day divisional Championship. An Angler can fish as many 1 day and 2 day events as they want, ABA takes your best 4 one-day point finishes and your best 2 day point finishes to qualify you to the Nationals. It's like culling fish, you have a bad 1 day tournament you can fish as many as you want to get better ranking in the Nation, same with the 2 day, you can fish as many as you want and they will use you best points. 
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NOTICE !!!!!  NEXT AMERICAN BASS ANGLERS D125 TOURNAMENT IS April 24 2021 out of Galts Ferry on Lake Allatoona